HP Laserjet ‘Perform Printer Maintenance’ Message

The ‘Perform Printer Maintenance’ message on a HP laserjet printer is a result of reaching a pre determined page count ┬ádefined by HP. When the printer reaches this page count, the ‘Perform Printer Maintenance’ message is displayed on the control panel. A new maintenance kit should be installed in the printer and the counter reset as per the kit instructions. Ideally, we would recommend booking our printer maintenance service as soon as possible so we can service your printer and install a new maintenance kit at the same time to ensure your machine does not break down.


HP Maintenance Kit items

HP laserjet maintenance kits come with a fusing assembly, transfer roller, and several feed rollers.


Fuser assembly

The fuser (also known as the fixing unit) is one of the important parts of the printing cycle. It uses heat and pressure to ‘fuse’ the toner into the paper and therefore ‘fixing’ the toner to the paper.

Typical symptoms of a wearing fuser unit are smudging prints, creasing paper and fuser jams.


Transfer roller

The transfer roller plays another important part of the printing cycle by transferring the toner from the drum unit or transfer belt to the paper. As the paper passes between the drum or transfer belt, an electrical charge is applied to the transfer roller which attracts the toner to the paper ready for ‘fixing’.

Common signs of wear are faint prints or strange patterns on your printed documents.


Feed rollers

Just like the tyres on your car, feed rollers in your printer will wear out over time. When they do wear, you may notice frequent paper jams however there is no paper found jammed in the printer. This is usually an indication that the printer feed rollers failed to pickup the paper from the cassette due to being worn.

All the above parts wear over time and by replacing them at the pre determined interval, can give your printer a new lease of life and is definitely worth the investment.