Common HP LaserJet Error Codes


13/13.xx Paper Jam

These errors can caused by paper stuck in the printer or paper not being picked up from the paper tray(s), possibly due to worn pickup and/or feed rollers. This can also be caused by several sheets of paper being picked up together possibly due to a worn separation pad or slightly damp sheets of paper sticking together.

The paper path may be obstructed. Regardless of any particular areas mentioned with the error message, check the entire paper path, including the fuser for paper and remove any sheets found. If paper is found in the fuser be sure to let it cool down (remove the mains lead for at least 15 minutes) before attempting to remove. Do not use sharp objects to remove paper from the fuser as it is easily damaged.

If the message continues, check the operation of paper sensors in the input area and fuser (output) areas.

Check that the toner access door and the fuser door (if applicable) are fully closed.


20 Error Insufficient Memory/Memory Overflow

The print job may be too large for the printer’s installed memory. Press the go button to print the transferred data (some data may be lost). Simplify the print job and try again. You may need to install more memory.


21 Page too Complex

Press Go to print the transferred data (some data could be lost).

To print the job without losing data, select “PAGE PROTECT=ON” from the Configuration Menu in the printer control panel and then print the job. Afterwards, return the setting to “PAGE PROTECT=AUTO. If you leave “PAGE PROTECT=ON” the printers performance may be degraded.


22 error

Press Go to clear the message (data will be lost). Check for a loose network cable connection or damaged cable.


40 EIO x bad transmission (connection between printer and EIO card broken)

x = description

1 = EIO slot 1 2 = EIO slot 2

Turn the printer off and reseat the EIO card.

Press Go to clear the message and continue printing.


41.3 Unexpected paper size

Verify that all trays are adjusted for correct paper size.

If printing from tray 1 make sure the paper size setting in the printer control panel is configured correctly.

If printing from an optional paper tray, ensure the paper size dial is set to match the paper size loaded in the tray.

Press Go. The page containing the error is reprinted.


41.x printer Error

x = 1 Unknown misprint error.

x = 2 Beam detect error (laser scanner).

x = 3 Unexpected paper size.

x = 4 No VYSYNC error.

x = 5 Media feed error

x = 9 Noise VSREQ error.

For errors 1, 2, 4, 9, check connections to the laser scanner.


49 Error xxxx Cycle Power

Printer Firmware error. Reset the printer by turning off then back on again.

Cancel all print jobs and resend. Try to isolate the print job which is causing the errors and delete it from the print que.



Print job  too large or has graphics which are too complex.


50.X Fuser Error

A fuser error has occurred.

Turn the printer off and wait 20 minutes. If the error continues disconnect the printer form the mains and reseat the fuser. Wait 20 minutes before reconnecting power.


50.7 Fuser Error

Denotes a fault with the fuser drive motor or the fuser motion detection sensor.

This error can also be caused by a jammed fuser. Remove the cause of the jam if possible.


51.x / 52.x Printer Errors

Errors 51 through 52 are Laser scanner errors.


53.xy.zz Printer Error

There is a memory error with an accessory. The DIMM that caused the error cannot be used.

x = DIMM type  ie 0=ROM 1=RAM

y = device location  0=internal (built in) memory    1, 2, 3, 4, = DIMM slots 1, 2, 3, 4.


54.2 Error (LJ4500/4550 printers only)

Indicates that a problem exists with the toner carousel assembly. Either the carousel is not rotating or the rotation detection sensor is not functioning.

Turn the printer off then on to reset.

If the problem persists open the toner door and look for any obstructions. If necessary remove the toner cartridges one at a time by manually releasing the carousel brake and rotating the carousel around to each cartridge position and removing the cartridges (pay particular attention to the opening flap on each cartridge as these can be dislodged and will prevent the carousel from moving).


54.3 Printer Error (LJ 4500/4550 printers only)

Clean or replace the density sensor in the bottom of the imaging drum drawer.


55 Printer Error (alternates with Press Go to continue)

An internal communications error has occurred. Press Go. The page conationing the error will be reprinted.


57.x Printer Error

An error occurred with a printer fan.

x = fan number for the specific printer.


59.x Printer Error

An error occurred with the printer motor.

Check that the toner cartridge or fuser are not jammed.


62.x Printer Error

There is a problem with the printer memory.

x = 0 built in memory        x = 1, 2, 3, 4 (refers to DIMM slots 1, 2, 3, 4).

Reseat or replace the affected DIMM.


64.x Printer error

A scan buffer error occurred.

Turn the printer off then back on.


68 NVRAM Error Check Settings / Full Check Settings

An error occurred in the printers non volatile memory (NVRAM) and one or more of the printers settings have been reset to its factory default.

Print a configuration page to determine which settings have changed.


69.x Printer Error

A duplexer error has occurred.

Turn the printer off, reseat the duplexer, then turn the printer on.


79.xxxx Printer Error

The printer detected an error.

Try turning the printer off then on again.

If the error persists try the following:

Cycle power.

replace or reseat the interface cable and cycle power.

Remove the DIMMs one at a time then cycle power.



The EIO accessory in slot x may be faulty

With the power off, reseat or replace the accessory.